Saturday, December 27, 2008

Long Weekend

I am so enjoying having four days off. Kristi had the day off yesterday so we went and treated ourselves to pedicures, what a treat! And since we were in the same center with our favorite scrappy store we just had to drop in. I only picked up a few sheets of paper, but Kristi found some paper and ribbon that she didn't think she could live without.

We went by and picked up mom and went to the bowling alley to have my new bowling ball drilled and then met up with Barry and Andy to bowl a few games. I'm still waiting for the new ball to be broken in and start bowling better. I know it has to be the ball and not the bowler...
Then Barry and I took his dad out to dinner to one of our favorite mexican food restaurants. It was very yummy!

Today I am being extremely lazy and hanging out in my jammies. I have done some work this morning. Even though I am off work, doing it at home in my jammies doesn't really feel like work. I think that I will try to go up to my scrap room and try to clean it up so I can start getting things together for my Sedona trip. Then off to the grocery store to get the veggies to make Turkey soup.

Have a great day everyone!

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