Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Weekend Gone By

Another weekend has almost come to an end. I have gotten a lot accomplished, but again no scrapping. I guess I am saving it all for the trip to Sedona. Liz is coming Wednesday night to spend the night and Karen will be arriving before 6 on Thursday morning. We will be off and the plan is to meet up with Jenn and Teresa at the Scrapbook Barn around noon in Gilbert, AZ and then lunch at Serranos. We are not sure who else will be able to join us, but we are looking forward to the shopping and lunch. Then we will be off to Scrapbooks Etc., one of our favorite stores and a trim shop across the street. We hope to be able to hit Hobby Lobby while we are out also. We are then hooking up with Natalie to go to a tutorial class on the Design program for our Cricut. Sounds like a fun packed day.

Friday morning we will probably meet up with everyone for breakfast and then venture off to Sedona. We will be in Seonda for the weekend for a retreat and hopefully lots of scrapping.

I will try to pop in here again before we leave, but I have lots to get done here at home along with another crazy busy week at work.

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it's almost here...