Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some More Scrappiness

Among other things we have spent time cardmaking this weekend while Donna is here. Linda took her cards home, so I can't share her craftiness with you, but here are a few of mine and Donna's.



I will try to share a few more with you sometime this week, but for now I need to get over to Mom's to spend some more time with Donna before I have to take her to the airport.

Have a great day!


LIZZEE said...

That is so not fair I ordered this before it came out lol... Oh well... I'm sure eventually I'll get it... I told them just to mail it to me note with check and all.?
I can't wait to get mine..unless of course you took the last one.

LIZZEE said...

Omg.. my phone just rang and it's SITH she says they don't have the Happy Birthday anymore..ummm I told her..Well that's funny on Saturday it was there.. cause Debbie got one... She says I know we blew it... They were she'll order up another one.. I told her NP... it happens so the others are on the way to me..yippee...The funny thing is I think Elaine the day they came out was telling me about them then I seen them and say oh yes.. I have to have it.. but soon enough it's not like I will use it tomorrow lol.Anyways that was just errrrrrie that she called after I just posted about it on your blog.... weird.

Natalie said...