Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Back...

I don't know where the past 3 months have gone... I was at the Sisterhood of Scrapping Retreat back in April and had a great weekend. When I got home that evening we got a call from my father-in-law that he was in the hospital and had been diagnosed with cancer. We headed up north by the end of that week to see how he was doing and what we could do to help him. He had to go through two weeks of radiation so we decided to stay up with him during that time. Well, my time got cut short there at the beginning of the second week as my mom fell at home at broke her hip. I got on an airplane and came home to be here for her surgery. She spent a week in the hospital and two weeks at rehab, but is back home now with some help but doing great, especially since she is almost 90. On the 3rd of June we headed back up to Redding to go relieve Barry's brother and help take care of his dad. He started getting worse the second day that we were there and he passed away while we were there holding his hands on the 21st of June. We were able to come home on the 25th, but it has been non-stop trying to take care of business ever since.

Needless to say I really haven't done much scrapping for these past 3 months except a few of my DT assignments. Well, I hope that this is changing starting this weekend. I am off to another weekend with Sisterhood of Scrapping and hope to be able to get a few things done and will be back this week to share some things with you. Have a great weekend!



Natalie said...

I hope you have a fabulous weekend Debbie! You definitely have had a lot going on and totally deserve to have a wonderful weekend chock full of creating and fun and, hopefully, a little bit of relaxation. I wish we could get together! (I sent you a text earlier this week. I hope you got it. I have a new phone and am not entirely certain your number was put in right.) Hopefully, life will slow down for us all and we can find time to get together soon! :)

Casey Lu said...

So sorry that there has been a few health issues in your family. I hope and pray that they will be better soon and fully recover! I hope your scrap retreat is a great one and that you get a lot of scrapping done, you deserve it!